As part of answering The Call, we believe reaching out to the people and organizations in the cities that surround us to be an integral part of the Great Commission; as such, it drives many of the activities and volunteer opportunities that take place from the Hill.

The Valley Christian community made a commitment to Mayor Tim Sbrante of the City of Dublin to contribute 2,500 hours of community service in 2010, through a wide range of volunteer opportunities.  We far already exceeded that amount, and each year, the hours given continues to grow.

Our congregation and schools give well over 7,000 hours of community service each year.


Get involved with CityServe!
There are so many ways and opportunities to Answer the Call!  Visit the CityServe website to determine which one works with your interests, skills and availability.  If you are aware of an organization that needs some assistance, please contact Gloria Gregory at (925) 452-8276 or

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